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Best Heating and Air Choice 2015

Gary, You were absolutely right. I can now set my kitchen thermostat to 73, and it works fine. Before, at this time of day (hottest), the main level temp would stay at 76 no matter what. I also don’t know why I didn’t realize earlier this summer that that was a signal that there is a problem. Thank you for finding that stuck damper and also fixing it, on top of the other issue with my upstairs unit.

I just want to say that you provided me with the most phenomenal home service I’ve ever received. You bent over backward to ensure that I stayed cool the past three nights so that I could be well-rested (and also not stressed out) for today’s scary medical procedure. I am utterly grateful and also unbelievably impressed with the level of service that Wright-Bilt Systems provides. Not only did you work me into your busy schedule, but you were tenacious about fixing it and also genuinely concerned with my comfort. Words don’t describe how happy I am with your work!

You are really something, Gary. I am thankful that Gabby Gray sent you my way!

Please forward this note of gratitude to your boss. I think that happy employees provide better service, and also obviously, someone is treating you right. I know that you work hard to help others; thank you for your sacrifices. Best, Susie Bernard

Good morning Gary, First, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for the excellent service you performed yesterday. I really appreciate how quickly your company had someone out to check out our heating situation and also how professional and courteous you and your partner were with me and the staff. It is nice to come into a cozy office this morning. Please feel free to reach out to me for any service reminders.

Erica Downs – Emory McIntosh Trail Family Practice

I just wanted to let you know that Michael Miles came to my home on April 21, 2015, to check my AC. Mr. Miles was thorough and also did an outstanding job. I cas completely satisfied with the work he did. I was impressed by the pride he took in doing his work. It’s refreshing to see someone like him when so many people only do enough to just get by. Thanks for the excellent service.

-Tom Livingston

Top-Rated Heating and Air Company 2014

Gary, A huge thank you, for solving the mystery and being so patient, with my tenant drama.

I regret not contacting you earlier. Thank God that you cover Atlanta…..

-R Bonaparte

Top-Rated Heating and Air Services 2013

Dealing with Wright-Bilt Systems has been a great experience since Tom Pyle sold me on a system changeout. The savings in electricity and gas will permit this system to pay for itself in 3 yrs 4 mos. Wish I could get this payback on all my expenditures. Score: 5 out of 5 in all categories.


Score: 5 out of 5 in all categories: Technician Brian


The tech, Craig, did a very thorough job at my home. He found a couple of needed repairs and also replaced the bad parts. He also provided semi-annual service at two other properties I own. One on May 30th and the other on May 31st. While I got hit with a few higher-than-expected repairs I feel very confident that Craig did a great job. My three HVAC systems should run smoothly until the fall check-ups. I’m very happy I switched to Wright-Bilt Systems. Score: 5 out of 5 in all categories.


Brad was very kind and also explained very clearly to me what I need to fix my A/C unit. He was very professional in all details. I will recommend Wright-Bilt Systems to all my friends and also my neighbors. Brad was the best tech ever. Score: 5 out of 5 in all categories.


Score: 5 out of 5 in all categories: Technician Craig


Michael was very courteous and also answered all my questions. Score: Wright-Bilt Systems a 5 out of 5 in all categories.


My family and I would like to give koodoos to Wright-Bilt Systems for having such excellent employees as Craig Coffey (Service Technician). He gave the most excellent customer service and was also very attentive to ensure that the job was done right.

-Dehinde Family

Top-Rated Heating and Air Installation 2012

Dear Tom, Thank you for taking time to meet with me & also arrange our heating and a/c installation. It was a pleasure meeting Tony and Tyler. They are both courteous and also professional. They are both excellent reflections on Wright-Bilt Systems. God bless you and wishing much success to your business, employees, and also your families.


Thank you – all of you at Wright-Bilt Systems – for your expert help, professionalism and integrity.


Thank you so much for working with me. I really appreciate it. Also, Gary was just great!! I also really appreciated his diligence in getting the job completed efficiently and with top-notch Customer Service! Thanks


Customer recommendation – New Infinity System replacement

Tom, Thought that I would give you a report on the new HVAC system’s performance. First, costs for the past 4 months have indicated a savings of 15% over the previous heating/cooling season. That would indicate a payback of 4.8 years. Pretty darn good so far! Even more impressive has been the quality of heating & cooling. No hot or cold spots and the comfort level has been such that you would think that this is a different house. Janice continues to rave about it. I am very thankful that I went with Wright-Bilt Systems and also your system recommendation.


Top-Rated Heating and Ais Repair 2011

This was without a doubt the most experienced, committed, and professional company I have worked with since my arrival in GA. There were multiple things wrong with this 13-year-old ac system and they got it up and running. I couldn’t be more pleased. They worked in this horrible heat without a complaint, they would call into the office when they found something wrong and as a group tried something else until they had it up and running. They even put on shoe coverings when they entered my home. I will also be using them in the spring to have a new system put in.


My HVAC systems were installed by Wright-Bilt Systems. In the six years that we have lived in our house, I have had only one prior call for air conditioner problems – and I called Wright-Bilt Systems. They responded within one day and cured the problem. Around 6:00 pm today, on a Friday evening, my wife and I noticed that our air conditioner had stopped cooling. I called Wright-Bilt Systems and received their answering service (since it was well after business hours). Within 30 minutes I received a call from Mike Pyle with Wright-Bilt Systems. He said he would be at our home within a half-hour – and he was! He quickly diagnosed the problem, made the repairs, and also went out of his way to ensure everything was in order. I couldn’t believe the level of service he gave, especially “Afterhours”, and talso he minimal total cost of the service he provided.

Mike Pyle is a valuable asset to Wright-Bilt Systems and, because of him, I would recommend the company to anyone who asked for a referral. Mike Pyle is also an exceptional example of what Wright-Bilt Systems stands for!!! THANK YOU, Mike!!!! And, also THANK YOU Wright-Bilt Systems!!!


Thank you for your diligent response and follow-up quote. Ciske, Courtney, and I are anxious for your crew to get started installing the “Silver” system quoted to begin realizing modern efficiencies, which we have enjoyed for the last year at our Luella home and has also resulted in average electric cost savings of $60 to $70 per month! With recent GA power rate increases of 7%, we stand well-positioned to save even more due to the efficiencies afforded by the Carrier Heat Pump/Central Air system.Mike Pyle is a valuable asset to Wright-Bilt Systems and, because of him, I would recommend the company to anyone who asked for a referral. Mike Pyle is also an exceptional example of what Wright-Bilt Systems stands for!!! THANK YOU, Mike!!!! And, also THANK YOU Wright-Bilt Systems!!!

-Wayne and Ciske

Just wanted to say Thank You so much for lining David up to come out to my house yesterday! I really appreciate ya’ll coming out so quickly! David was great, he had the parts needed to repair my unit and I was able to sleep cool last night


The tech arrived on time and was very courteous and also respectful. He began the work immediately and paid attention to every detail during the inspection. After finishing the job, he cleared up after restored things back to normal. He did a great job and it was a pleasure having him perform my home annual inspection.


Dave was super professional and nice. He did not charge me for service I didn’t need and performed the one that I did. I have already shared your link on my facebook and will be recommending you to everyone I know. Will be looking into your year-long maintenance program. I especially like the fact that he cleaned up the floors and also the walls before he left. Thank you for your great service.


“Returned home on the evening of March 19, 2011. The day’s temperatures had been above seasonal and when we came in we attempted to turn on our A/C system. There was no power to the thermostat. I attempted to do all I could to locate and remedy the problem with no success. I called Wright-Bilt Systems and within 10 minutes I received a call from “Mike”. After explaining the situation to him and let me say as it was approaching 11:00 pm, Mike arrived within 30 minutes and resolved the problem.

Extremely professional & friendly and he took the time to explain the issue to me and answered all questions I had. It’s nice to have good people you can count on, anytime.”


“The technician Gary was amazing. He arrived late at night. Was professional and found the problem even though it was late at night.”Extremely professional & friendly and he took the time to explain the issue to me and answered all questions I had. It’s nice to have good people you can count on, anytime.”


Top-Rated Heating and Air Company 2010

“I had used several companies in the last four years trying to get my system working correctly. Tom came in and analyzed our issues and also installed a system that actually keeps ALL the rooms in my house at the same temperature. Thanks, Tom, from a family that is finally warm.


“Thank you (Gary) for making an after-hours call. It was a very nice thing to do. God Will Bless You and also the Company.”

-Larry and Sylvia

“I’ve been a customer of yours for a number of years now. I’ve been very pleased with the service I have received and also how I have been treated, both from a normal service basis and from a “need you NOW?” basis. I thank you.”… “Jimmy has become “the guy” I request when I call for inspections and also service needs.” … “I thank you for allowing Jimmy to work for me. I would not have it any other way.” (For more on this letter, please give us a call.)

-Jim and Linda

Quality HVAC Company 2009

“I am extremely pleased with the high-efficiency heating and cooling system Wright-Bilt Systems installed for me last spring. The installation of both upstairs and also the downstairs systems took only one day, with no distraction from normal household activities. The installers were very professional.

The savings in power bills far exceeded my expectations. They ranged from $100 to over $150.00 each month. I am always skeptical of advertised savings, but in this case, they were very real. The units work very smoothly and also keep whatever temperature setting.

Wright-Bilt Systems had kept my old units in good condition for the 13 years that we have owned this house. In fact, the old units were still in good operating condition even though they were beyond their expected life span. The preventive maintenance service through the years has been great! The service technicians also really know what they are doing. Thank you very much.”


“I just want you to know how much I appreciate the work you did. I appreciate Craig this morning checking over everything and also taking the effort to help me. This meant a lot. … he appears to be very knowledgeable, polite, and also a very good representative of your company.”


“I have been your customer for many years and the one technician I have the highest regard for is Bennie. He is very friendly and never fails to give me advice about the upkeep of my system. He is very knowledgeable and also competent. You are very fortunate in having such a fine employee.”


Favorite HVAC Company 2008

Why did you choose Wright-Bilt Systems? “I was impressed with your website.”

Did our Service Professional arrive on time? “Was finishing another service call, but the office called.”


Why did you choose Wright-Bilt Systems? “New home installation.”

Were you satisfied with the value you received? “Jimmy was superb!”


Why did you choose Wright-Bilt Systems? “Purchased new home”

Were you satisfied with the value you received? “Very much so, good job”


Why did you choose Wright-Bilt Systems? “Tech’s are very professional. They are here when we need them.”


Why did you choose Wright-Bilt Systems? “Used for years”

Overall experience? “10” Explain: “Bennie is a huge asset to your company. He’s punctual, thorough, professional, and also customer service oriented!”


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