;Ductless System – Griffin

The summer heat is still in full swing here in Griffin, Georgia! That’s why it’s the perfect time for you to control your indoor temperature from room to room with a ductless air conditioning system. We are offering a great deal on the Carrier Infinity Ductless System for the entire month of August. Have you just added onto your home or also your office? Do you have basement or also garage space that you would like to have controlled air conditioning? Are you just plain tired of dealing with leaky duct work?  Then you need a ductless air conditioning system. Therefore take a look below and see the many benefits of a new HVAC system.

Benefits of a Ductless HVAC Systems – Griffin

• Cost Savings: A new system is a small system that operates on less power than a traditional air conditioning and heating system. Because of this there is no loss in efficiency ultimately saving you money.

• Easy to Use: With a new  system you can change the temperature at the touch of a button anywhere in the room. It allows you to regulate the temperature in all your rooms even ones you use less frequently.

• Improved Indoor Air Quality: Because there is no duct work in a ductless system, it requires no cleaning of the ducts which can also leave behind allergens. A ductless system offers multi-stage filtration which reduces dust, pollen, bacteria and also other particulates in the air.

• Easy Installation: Unlike a traditional air conditioning and heating system that requires weeks of installation, a ductless air conditioning system is easy to install and therefore can typically be done within a day.

• Better for the Environment: Ductless air conditioning and heating systems follow ENERGY Star guidelines. Because of this and also combined with their immediate temperature accuracy a ductless system exceeds energy efficiency guidelines. This means a ductless system is better for the environment.

Wright Bilt Systems – Griffin

At Wright Bilt Systems we offer the best system installation in Griffin GA. Our factory authorized and also trained installers will help you select the right size and model of Carrier system. We take pride in bringing comfort to your home or office and also offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We also offer a hassle free affordable financing option. Our team is the best air conditioning and heating company in the Atlanta area, Wright Bilt Systems. Have guaranteed comfort in your home or also your office this summer with a touch of a button on your new air conditioning system.

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